The Wagner 22 Festival of the Leipzig Opera will take place between June 20 and July 14. In the birthplace of Richard Wagner, all thirteen of the composer’s operas will be performed in the order in which they were written; only the four parts of the “Ring” are excluded from the chronology and follow one another. Here you can see which artists will be performing at the Leipzig Festival.

Die Feen (June 20)

Roy Cornelius Smith as Arindal

© Beate Kazimitowicz

Das Liebesverbot (June 21)

Manuela Uhl as Isabella

© Franziska Schrödinger

Rienzi (June 23)

Miriam Clark makes her house and role debut as Irene.

© Harald Hoffmann

Lohengrin (June 30)

Klaus Florian Vogt as Lohengrin

© Foto Dörr

Lohengrin (June 30)

Simone Schneider as Elsa

© Dominik Stixenberger

Lohengrin (June 30)

Günther Groissböck as Heinrich der Vogler

© Uwe Arens

Tristan und Isolde (July 01)

Catherine Foster as Isolde


Die Walküre (July 08)

Robert Dean Smith as Siegmund

© Philipp Jelenska

Siegfried (July 09)

Daniela Fally as Stimme des Waldvogels

© Johannes Ifkovits

Götterdämmerung (July 10)

Emily Magee as Gutrune

© Vitaly Zapryagaev

Parsifal (July 14)

Elena Pankratova as Kundry